Need cheap entertainment for grand-kids!!

Somehow I have acquired 7 grand kids under the age of eight, now it might be that I have 6 kids, 5 of which are married in thier 20’s.

Well I survived all of that hubby and I, but we need help!! We had a cookout yesterday, and I have a huge pool the little ones cat go into without a float and a parent. Soooo I tried to find ways to keep the kiddies entertained on MY budget. I bought dollar store coloring books & washable crayons, sidewalk chalk, floats of all kinds, beach balls & large paly balls (floats & balls was 50% off at my walmart) and I had kiddle bubbles and water guns ( I got these 2 for $1 and I had them use a bucket of water to refill thier own) ohh and I had the rackets & birdies game, we have a huge yard fenced in.

Sooo the kiddies are/were burned out on these ( I brought them out on at a time. What else is cheap entertainment for kiddies? I have 3 girl grandchildren & 4 boy grandchildren and they all play very well together.

We are having another cookout July 17th for my twin boys ( they are turning 30!!) Help this ol lady out, thanks.