I am a stay at home mom to four children


I am a stay at home mom to four children two girls and two boys ages 8,5,4, and 10 months old. My husband and I met three years ago and got married a year ago, I had two girls and he had one boy we were both single parents. Than we had our baby!

Life has changed so quickly over the course of a short time. Before we first moved in together I was the director of a small animal rescue and juggled two jobs and living in the house that my ex and I bought, my husband was just out of the military on disability and working two jobs , living with his parents since his son’s mother abandoned them.

I lost my house to my children’s father after two years of tug of war (not over the kids, he just wanted the house). My than fiance and I decided to move in together. The agreement would be that I would be the stay at home mom, we were both paying a lot in day care and he would go back to school and continue to work his two jobs.

Unfortunately our credit was pretty bad so we are working on cleaning that up so we can buy a house. I thought: “I need a loan with almost guaranteed approval“, headed to my favorite website, submitted an application and, surprisingly, got approved almost instantly! In the meantime we live in NJ, wich has one of the highest costs of living. My husband got a better job but we needed a bigger place to live. The lowest we could find for a three to four bedroom house that would accept pets(our dogs are part of the family) is costing us $1500 a month plus we have two car payments wich together add up to $400 a month than our utilities of course(and we pay for the water not the landlord).

We would like to buy a home but we are finding it very difficult to save any money or pay off our old bills. We hired a law firm to help us clean our credit faster and that seems to be moving along nicely.

In the meantime we are barely scraping by and we really need to re-budget everything and figure out a game plan to get us through what seems to be a financial rough patch. My husband works very hard and goes to school,all after serving our country and coming back injured but needing to work to support his family.

We are young in our late 20’s and still paying for thinking that we had money trees in the back yard. Than of course having pasts and exes who helped to demolish our credit. Any suggestions on saving money would be appreciated!