Legal tricks

Some tricks seem dirty but they are not

The previous poster is right some tricks seem dirty but they are not. In AL it is legal to record telephone conv. if ONE party knows of it. Other states are different. I kept extremely detailed notes during my separation, and ran a tape recorder under the couch when the kids came to visit or she picked up/dropped off the kids. I also drove by her apartment and wrote down all the tag numbers of the cars visiting her. Then I went to the courthouse and got their names and addresses. Ended up with about twenty or so. Before trial you are supposed to submit a proposed witness list, I submitted all of her friends names, address., etc.

This has to be done three days before court and when she read the list she had a shit fit spinning around like Tazz because she did not know who had betrayed her. No one did, I just used the tools available to me. I even got the kids to show me where she went to visit [they were only 4 and 6] and once we got close to the road they showed me where to turn…More tag numbers and pictures with my camera. I also borrowed a friend’s car and took telephoto pics of her “friends” coming and going from her apt. She had been stupid enough to take an apartment in the part of town where I grew up.

Another thing I did was when we went to court I got an old shoe box and filled it full of cassette tapes. Then I put index cards as file markers between the tapes at intervals. I did not have to use much of what I had actually taped, but each time my attorney questioned a witness I would thumb through the box and pull out a tape. I would then hand the tape to him and he would walk around with it in his hand while questioning the witness. It scared the shit out of all of them and they told the truth where they had been coerced to lie. Most of those tapes had only old sixties music on them.