I am not sure where you live

I am not sure where you live but in my area of florida… the movie theaters offer free movies on tuesday and wednesday at 10 am during the summer for free… they are usually a little older movies such as : jummy neutron, clifford, polar express, etc..

they are always the parks, or maybe a small water park..

Here is link to lots of summer activities–


Also have you looked at the crayola web site.. they have lots of printable crafts.

Playhouse disney has a lot of activities for kids of all ages and they have printable coloring pages where you can print out all sorts of characters from Incredibles to sleeping beauty. My 4 year old loves them, plus its a lot cheaper for character pictures than buying a disney coloring book and you can print out as many as you want!!! pbskids.org is another great site to check out.

Michael’s Craft Stores frequently have free or almost free craft workshops for children starting as young as 4. They will have different ones several times a month throughout the year.

Wow, I am fairly new to the group and am amazed at the wealth of information! I went to the site mentioned in the post below and so many things to do! I have also read some of the other posts with recommendations and can’t wait to check out those sites as well! I have an 11 year old that is constantly “bored” so having all this to pull from will be great. I didn’t even think to ask any of the groups I am in!

Thanks so much for sharing all this and I look forward to participating here more!

I sometimes get my 2 nephews

I sometimes get my 2 nephews (12 and 7) and have the same problem. Here are some of the things we have done, don’t know if they will help you or not:

Had a Treasure Hunt in the backyard with various trinkets from the dollar store and similar places.

The 12 year old needed to work on his Boy Scout “mentoring skills” so he helped the 7 year old learn to swim under water while I supervised

Bought a bunch of cheap capes (Target had them for $1 each) bandanas and toy swords and played Pirates out in the woods behind my mom’s house

Bought plastic golf balls and some cheap clubs at Play It Again Sports and taught them to chip and putt in the backyard

Made them plan a meal for their parents, took them to the store and made them pick out all the ingredients then they had to cook it…it wasn’t that expensive, just did spaghetti, salad and bread.

Hope that helps, Good Luck!!