Debt settlement

I went through the same thing w/Citibank

I went through the same thing w/Citibank. Your debt settlement company should have a litigation dept that can help you deal with this situation.

You need to reply to the summons within the appropriate time frame. You can get some reasonably priced advice at if your DSC can’t help you. Citibank really doesn’t like to deal with DSC or settle debts for less than you owe them.

I was ultimately able to reach an agreement re: a payment plan that I could afford but only after I left the settlement company. The court still found in their favor but I did not actually have to show up in court and did everything by certified letters and phone calls w/the Citibank attorney (I rep’d myself w/help from Legal Advice Line). Hope that helps a bit and good luck!

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Debt settlement and judgments

I have been in debt settlement for about a year and 2 months. i have settled 3 of the five credit cards and have two to go. the situation is that Citibank, of course, is in the process of suing me.

I have received my final notice that i have ten days to respond. i am still saving the money each month with my settlement company but we do not have the money to settle right now, and they do not want to wait.

I do live in Pennsylvania which is a commonwealth state, which i think means that even if they do get a judgment against me they cannot put a lein on the house because the house is in both my husbands and my name. and the credit card is only in my name.there is no wage garnishment in my state either except for child support.

so the way i see it is i really cant stop this without having the money now, which i don’t, and they really cant get anything from me. my credit is not in good shape so i am not concerned about the judgment being on my record, my goal is to settle these last two accounts and not use credit anymore. does anyone have any knowledge on the subject of judgments or any suggestions? thanks!