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Check the statute of limitations

Check the statute of limitations for your state concerning credit cards. Maybe the statute runs out before 5 years, if so, you are no longer legally liable to pay the debts. You still OWE the debts, however, the creditor can no longer sue you to recover their money. Additionally, regardless of SOL, you may send the collection agencies a “cease and desist” letter or a “debt validation” letter.

A C&D will prohibit the collectors from calling or writing you, a DV letter will force the creditors to verify the debt. If the collection agency cannot verify the debt, they must remove it from your credit report. If the collector verifies the debt (legitimately), it will fall off your credit report after 7.5 years from “date of last activity”. DOLA represents the last time you paid the debt in payment or in partial payment.

Good luck, and keep the faith, you’ll get your mortgage sooner than you think.

I have three or four credit issues

I have three or four credit issues that have been haunting me for a looooong time. A couple of credit cards, and some store credits. I haven’t made any payments to them for roughly 5 years. In the beginning, I just didn’t have the money. I was in a rough situation for a while.

Anyway, I just got married last December. I want so desperately to pay off my debt and repair my credit so that we can get a house, etc. I am very scared to send any money to these debt collection letters I’m receiving, because who knows if they are ‘legit’.

I don’t even know who I owe money too anymore! Any advise? Thanks….

Refinance or home equity?

We are finishing up building a home in a low income housing program. the interest rate will be very low with the loan they offer but would not be able to lock into the low rates right now with that type of loan.

We do have credit card debt and was wondering if it would be worth just refinancing right from the start and putting all or most of the debt on that loan?or would a home equity loan be more ideal?

I’m sorry to hear of your money troubles

I’m sorry to hear of your money troubles. You and your husband need to quickly come up with a spending plan. Each dollar your family earn needs to have a purpose.

Your first priority is food, then utilities, house payment and then transportation. You may need a bigger house but you don’t need a better credit score to get it and you can’t afford it right now to it will have to wait! Don’t waste money on a lawyer to improve your credit score.

The lawyer can not do this any faster than you can anyway so therefore you are wasting money on something that is not essential. Cut up your credit cards and live on the cash that you and your husband bring home using your spending plan. Get yourself a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover which will help you become debt free.

I hear your struggle


I hear your struggle. Suggestion if possible. Get rid of one of your cars and use that money to pay off bills. I am not sure where in NJ you live but if you are in a city you should be able to walk and get groceries, etc.

I believe in stay at home mom, we do the same but fortunately I do not have money problems now. Do you have any skills? Did you ever think of selling stuff on Ebay to help. Lots of home work ideas while taking care of the kids. I have three dogs and care about them alot. Is it possible to let someone care for your dogs until you get on your feet. These are only ideas, I hate to be a Monday morning quarterback.

Good luck with everything..

This info you provided has been very helpful

This info you provided has been very helpful to me also. But, I have a question about the “date of last activity”. I also read this from Suze Orman. She also says if its been charged off, that would be considered the last activity.

Not the activity from the collection agency who purchased the debt, but the “last activity” from the creditor. But, when I recently reviewed my credit report I saw the credit put my last activity with a date range. What the heck is that? It says Charged off June 2000 – May 2005. I wrote the bureau and asked them to define that. How can it be a range?

Do you have any additional info re: this? thanks

I went through the same thing w/Citibank

I went through the same thing w/Citibank. Your debt settlement company should have a litigation dept that can help you deal with this situation.

You need to reply to the summons within the appropriate time frame. You can get some reasonably priced advice at if your DSC can’t help you. Citibank really doesn’t like to deal with DSC or settle debts for less than you owe them.

I was ultimately able to reach an agreement re: a payment plan that I could afford but only after I left the settlement company. The court still found in their favor but I did not actually have to show up in court and did everything by certified letters and phone calls w/the Citibank attorney (I rep’d myself w/help from Legal Advice Line). Hope that helps a bit and good luck!

More here:

Debt settlement and judgments

I have been in debt settlement for about a year and 2 months. i have settled 3 of the five credit cards and have two to go. the situation is that Citibank, of course, is in the process of suing me.

I have received my final notice that i have ten days to respond. i am still saving the money each month with my settlement company but we do not have the money to settle right now, and they do not want to wait.

I do live in Pennsylvania which is a commonwealth state, which i think means that even if they do get a judgment against me they cannot put a lein on the house because the house is in both my husbands and my name. and the credit card is only in my name.there is no wage garnishment in my state either except for child support.

so the way i see it is i really cant stop this without having the money now, which i don’t, and they really cant get anything from me. my credit is not in good shape so i am not concerned about the judgment being on my record, my goal is to settle these last two accounts and not use credit anymore. does anyone have any knowledge on the subject of judgments or any suggestions? thanks!

I am a stay at home mom to four children


I am a stay at home mom to four children two girls and two boys ages 8,5,4, and 10 months old. My husband and I met three years ago and got married a year ago, I had two girls and he had one boy we were both single parents. Than we had our baby!

Life has changed so quickly over the course of a short time. Before we first moved in together I was the director of a small animal rescue and juggled two jobs and living in the house that my ex and I bought, my husband was just out of the military on disability and working two jobs , living with his parents since his son’s mother abandoned them.

I lost my house to my children’s father after two years of tug of war (not over the kids, he just wanted the house). My than fiance and I decided to move in together. The agreement would be that I would be the stay at home mom, we were both paying a lot in day care and he would go back to school and continue to work his two jobs.

Unfortunately our credit was pretty bad so we are working on cleaning that up so we can buy a house. I thought: “I need a loan with almost guaranteed approval“, headed to my favorite website, submitted an application and, surprisingly, got approved almost instantly! In the meantime we live in NJ, wich has one of the highest costs of living. My husband got a better job but we needed a bigger place to live. The lowest we could find for a three to four bedroom house that would accept pets(our dogs are part of the family) is costing us $1500 a month plus we have two car payments wich together add up to $400 a month than our utilities of course(and we pay for the water not the landlord).

We would like to buy a home but we are finding it very difficult to save any money or pay off our old bills. We hired a law firm to help us clean our credit faster and that seems to be moving along nicely.

In the meantime we are barely scraping by and we really need to re-budget everything and figure out a game plan to get us through what seems to be a financial rough patch. My husband works very hard and goes to school,all after serving our country and coming back injured but needing to work to support his family.

We are young in our late 20’s and still paying for thinking that we had money trees in the back yard. Than of course having pasts and exes who helped to demolish our credit. Any suggestions on saving money would be appreciated!

Why is the IRS asking for my 2015 return?

I filed Ch. 7 in late May. I listed the IRS as a creditor in regard to unpaid tax debts for 2011 and 2012. I have not yet filed my 2004 taxes. (I filed for an extension in April.) A few days ago, I received a letter from the IRS stating that I must file my 2015 return immediately or they may file a motion to have the bankruptcy “converted or dismissed.”

What is the IRS up to? What does my 2015 return have to do with the bankruptcy??

Thank you for your assistance.

I am not sure where you live

I am not sure where you live but in my area of florida… the movie theaters offer free movies on tuesday and wednesday at 10 am during the summer for free… they are usually a little older movies such as : jummy neutron, clifford, polar express, etc..

they are always the parks, or maybe a small water park..

Here is link to lots of summer activities–

Also have you looked at the crayola web site.. they have lots of printable crafts.

Playhouse disney has a lot of activities for kids of all ages and they have printable coloring pages where you can print out all sorts of characters from Incredibles to sleeping beauty. My 4 year old loves them, plus its a lot cheaper for character pictures than buying a disney coloring book and you can print out as many as you want!!! is another great site to check out.

Michael’s Craft Stores frequently have free or almost free craft workshops for children starting as young as 4. They will have different ones several times a month throughout the year.

Wow, I am fairly new to the group and am amazed at the wealth of information! I went to the site mentioned in the post below and so many things to do! I have also read some of the other posts with recommendations and can’t wait to check out those sites as well! I have an 11 year old that is constantly “bored” so having all this to pull from will be great. I didn’t even think to ask any of the groups I am in!

Thanks so much for sharing all this and I look forward to participating here more!

I sometimes get my 2 nephews

I sometimes get my 2 nephews (12 and 7) and have the same problem. Here are some of the things we have done, don’t know if they will help you or not:

Had a Treasure Hunt in the backyard with various trinkets from the dollar store and similar places.

The 12 year old needed to work on his Boy Scout “mentoring skills” so he helped the 7 year old learn to swim under water while I supervised

Bought a bunch of cheap capes (Target had them for $1 each) bandanas and toy swords and played Pirates out in the woods behind my mom’s house

Bought plastic golf balls and some cheap clubs at Play It Again Sports and taught them to chip and putt in the backyard

Made them plan a meal for their parents, took them to the store and made them pick out all the ingredients then they had to cook it…it wasn’t that expensive, just did spaghetti, salad and bread.

Hope that helps, Good Luck!!

Need cheap entertainment for grand-kids!!

Somehow I have acquired 7 grand kids under the age of eight, now it might be that I have 6 kids, 5 of which are married in thier 20’s.

Well I survived all of that hubby and I, but we need help!! We had a cookout yesterday, and I have a huge pool the little ones cat go into without a float and a parent. Soooo I tried to find ways to keep the kiddies entertained on MY budget. I bought dollar store coloring books & washable crayons, sidewalk chalk, floats of all kinds, beach balls & large paly balls (floats & balls was 50% off at my walmart) and I had kiddle bubbles and water guns ( I got these 2 for $1 and I had them use a bucket of water to refill thier own) ohh and I had the rackets & birdies game, we have a huge yard fenced in.

Sooo the kiddies are/were burned out on these ( I brought them out on at a time. What else is cheap entertainment for kiddies? I have 3 girl grandchildren & 4 boy grandchildren and they all play very well together.

We are having another cookout July 17th for my twin boys ( they are turning 30!!) Help this ol lady out, thanks.

Some tricks seem dirty but they are not

The previous poster is right some tricks seem dirty but they are not. In AL it is legal to record telephone conv. if ONE party knows of it. Other states are different. I kept extremely detailed notes during my separation, and ran a tape recorder under the couch when the kids came to visit or she picked up/dropped off the kids. I also drove by her apartment and wrote down all the tag numbers of the cars visiting her. Then I went to the courthouse and got their names and addresses. Ended up with about twenty or so. Before trial you are supposed to submit a proposed witness list, I submitted all of her friends names, address., etc.

This has to be done three days before court and when she read the list she had a shit fit spinning around like Tazz because she did not know who had betrayed her. No one did, I just used the tools available to me. I even got the kids to show me where she went to visit [they were only 4 and 6] and once we got close to the road they showed me where to turn…More tag numbers and pictures with my camera. I also borrowed a friend’s car and took telephoto pics of her “friends” coming and going from her apt. She had been stupid enough to take an apartment in the part of town where I grew up.

Another thing I did was when we went to court I got an old shoe box and filled it full of cassette tapes. Then I put index cards as file markers between the tapes at intervals. I did not have to use much of what I had actually taped, but each time my attorney questioned a witness I would thumb through the box and pull out a tape. I would then hand the tape to him and he would walk around with it in his hand while questioning the witness. It scared the shit out of all of them and they told the truth where they had been coerced to lie. Most of those tapes had only old sixties music on them.

Budget Planner for New Member

Hi Everyone – I’m a newbie. I have been searching, and searching..

I would like to know if there is a free computer download I can get for Windows XP or Excel that allows you to enter your net salary, allows you to enter as many credit cards as you want (not limited to 9), whereby you enter in how many months you want to be out of debt with that credit card, and after you have entered all of your income and all of your debt, it will tell you how much you will have to pay per month in order to achieve this goal – then as you pay that credit card, loan, etc., each month it subtracts that amount from the balance, and tells you how much more you have to go, and how much you have to continue paying to achieve your goal. For example:

net income = $5,000.00 per month

ABC Bank = Balance: $75,000.00 APR: 2% Months to be debt free: 10

According to your net income per month, you will need to pay XXX for the next ten months to pay this obligation in full.

Then it would have:

Jan – Amount Paid = $10,000.00*
*You will need to pay XX for the next 9 months to pay this obligation in full.

Feb – Amount Paid = $10,000.00*
*You will need to pay XX for the next 8 months to pay this obligation in full.

Anything closly resembling this would be greatly appreciated. Also, please note I am not very computer literate, so there would need to be steps to tell me where to enter data, etc.

Thank you.

File before the new laws go into effect

My advice is to file before the new laws go into effect. However you know it will be a while before you can obtain new credit. Also does anyone have info on how to fill out the Chapter 13 repayment plan? I am filing Chapter 13 myself, but I do not know how to fill out that form.

My understanding is that you do have to be able to show that you are unable to make your payments. So make a list of all of your regular scheduled bills; car, home, student loan, each credit card including its balance and the minimum payment that is currently due, any other regular scheduled bills such as utilities and a high average of what they are, include insurance premiums averaged out on a monthly basis (if you pay them every six months or annually, just add them up whether they are due or not and divide them by 6 or 12 to get the amt that you would need on a monthly basis), include money for groceries, health expenditures, veh repairs, clothing, etc.

Anything you know that you either have to pay for each month or have a good chance of needing a few times a year. If this monthly amount exceeds what you take home, you should be eligible for bankruptcy. If it doesn’t then call each of your card co.’s and find out how much your minimum payments will go up to and see if that amount exceeds what you bring in. If it does not then you are not eligible.

Chapter 7?

If my debt is overwhelming with no possible end in site but my accounts are all current and no payments are late, is bankruptcy still an option? I have heard recent news of credit card companies raising minimum payments to as much as double the current amounts. If that happens, I will be late or have under-payments on all of those bills.

By that time, the new bankruptcy law will be in effect. I’m scared this situation is just waiting to pounce on me. If I initiate ch.7 now, maybe I can get out from under the massive, $34K credit card debt I have and be able to pay my car, student, home loans without problems. Is bankruptcy even an option if I’ve never missed a payment?

Here is Dave’s opinion:

Question from a newbie

Hi everyone, want you to know that I have been a member for a while but just kind of reading the posts and learning. Also reading a lot of books from the library and getting a snowball plan for my credit cards on the roll. So my question is this; I have a card that has a balance with 2 interest rates, the larger portion is at 7.9% and my payments go to that first, the smaller portion is at 19.99%.

I got the lower interest rate when I use a promotion they had to pay off a personal line of credit which was at 21.90%, when I divorced 5 years ago I had no credit history, a house with a leaky roof and no carpeting, so that was the credit offer my bank gave me. But it got me through a rough time and I am grateful, times are different now I have a good credit history, bad credit habits which I am now working at fixing and improving.

I called the card company, told them I had an offer to transfer my balance at O% interest till 6/06 and then it goes to either 7.9% or 13.9%, could they do better on their interest rate. The lady crunched the numbers, said if they changed my interest I would lose the promotional 7.9% and everything would be at one rate and that would not be a good move for me to make.

I guess my question is, should I look into the balance transfer, see if they will transfer the whole amount(they have a little footnote that lets you know that they might only transfer part based on how large a credit line they give you)or sit tight and just keep my snowball rolling? Thanks for all I have learned just from reading the posts. Looking forward to seeing what is said about my question.

During the divorce process my x really put on a show

My oldest son is 11 and I have a son & daughter (twins) who are 8. During the divorce process my x really put on a show. Took the kids to church, coached my daughters soccor team and went to parent teachers conference without even letting me know their was one. Now that she has custody, she constantly drops them off at her sister whos living on social security with a supposive “back injury” in a really bad part of town. The kids hate it over there. She’s off jet setting around on my $1200 a month CS. Almost every visitation weekend she comes to pick up the kids with a different boyfriend.

O.K., here’s my plan: wait for about 2-3 years. live cheaply between now and then and save some good money. Buy a nice respecible house at least as good as the one the x is renting now. I’ve been dating a girl for about a year now who is very understanding of my situation and want to help me out as much as she can. We are thinking about getting married, but she still has about two years to finish her college degree. I know, getting married again is very scary. But she’s willing to be a stay at home mother (she has a child of her own) at least for a while if it would help my case.

When I go for the kids, I’ll make sure to ask around and find a GOOD lawyer in my area. Then I’m hoping to show the Judge, that I can provided a better environment, with a stay at home parent and with the kids being 11 & 14 them wanting to come live with me. I’m thinking I should try to keep this plan secreat from my x until the date or else she will go back to putting on the good mother “act”.

It’s encouraging to hear stories like yours and that it is possible for the Dad to get custody. The courts seem so against us. The worthless lawyer I had before was the one who recommend the Guardian Ad Litem.

I’m trying to lay the ground work know. I contacted the school, doctors and trying to get involved. I’ve started a journal and taking pictures of our group outings. The only way the x and I communicate is by letter, so taping isn’t going to be to useful, although she has crossed the line a couple times in her letters, which I saved. I’m also hoping that in that time the x does something stupid like a DUI or drug arrest.

I thought about waiting a year and asking for joint custody, but I think that would probably be a waste of time, money and effort. What do you think, and advice. I truely appricate you sharing your knowledge and experience.

Guardian Ad Litem

Why do so many of you guys end up having a Guardian Ad Litem involved. Don’t ever let that shit happen.

It is just another tool to pry into your already devastated life. My X tried that shit and I fought it right away.

The Judge then looked at the kids school records and testimony from my sister and mom in the form of Affidavits. Her shit was denied. Don’t ever accept this.

Interesting Statute

In Alabama there is an interesting law about abandonment. Abandonment is not what most think, basically all she has to do is get pissed take the kids and move out. I am willing to bet that many other states have such a law. While I did not use this law, I did present it to my attorney during my separation and he was impressed that I did the research.

If I had lost, I would have sued for same when they were age 7. Link: – Section 30-3-1 Custody and education of children upon grant of divorce; custody of children where wife abandons husband.

Upon granting a divorce, the court may give the custody and education of the children of the marriage to either father or mother, as may seem right and proper, having regard to the moral character and prudence of the parents and the age and sex of the children; and pending the action, may make such orders in respect to the custody of the children as their safety and well-being may require. But in cases of abandonment of the husband by the wife, he shall have the custody of the children after they are seven years of age, if he is a suitable person to have such charge.